Interior in minimalist style

  • The interior is designed under the Hi-tech Minimalist Concept.
  • Center screen infotainment, 14.6 inch  touch screen system, easy to control various functions of the car at the touch a finger. Support smartphone connections for both IOS and Android operating system.

12-Inch Digital Driving information display screen

Provide complete, clear, easy-to-view information.

Large cabin capacity respond to every journey

  • Rear luggage space of 335 liters.
  • The rear passengers seat can be folded.Increase luggage space up to 552 liters.

Pay attention to every detail

  • Decorate the front console with high quality INS film made in Japan. Add lines and dimensions to have more luxury.
  • Air conditioning stystem with N95 air filtration system to make the air in the cabin more pure.

Sport style leather seats use high quality materials Ergonomic Zero Gravity Seat

  • Spory style leather styles, hugging and compact ergonomic design.
  • Hand sewn cushion with ventilation holes to help cool down.

ISOFIX child seat anchors

Increase the comfort of using seat for children. Confidence in every journey.

USB connector with 12V power supply

Front armrest with cup holder in the center console

USB connector for front camera recording

USB connector for rear passengers


Multimedia connection system via smartphone Pack your entertainment into a 14.6-inch screen.

Supports both Android and iOS operating systems for connecting communication systems, GPS and entertainment.*Display capabilities depend on the operating system and connected mobile phone signal.


14.6-inch touchscreen infotainment screen

Easy to control various functions of the car at the touch of a finger.


Air conditioning system with air filtration system


Cruise Control

automatic speed control system


Electronic Shifter

Easy to control with electric gear


12-inch digital driving information display