HOZON is an innovation-driven tech company that integrates hardware products and software services based on R&D innovation, intelligent manufacturing and multi-channel sales service.

NETA AUTO is a car brand affiliated with HOZON. NETA AUTO’s vision is to “make high-quality intelligent NEVs available for all.“

It is responsible for breaking the norm to make travel more comfortable with innovative technologies and operates intending to be a popularizer of intelligent vehicles.
Focusing on products and advanced technologies, NETA AUTO is dedicated to promoting the continuous evolvement of electric vehicles and playing a leading role in future technology development trends.

There are 4 models available on the market, namely NETA V, NETA U, NETA S and NETA GT. They belong to a group of electric car companies that have consistently high sales growth in the Chinese automotive market. 

It moved on towards new and upward development. On January 1, 2023, the brand shared its 2022 sales data. It cumulatively sold 152,073 units in 2022, up 118% year on year (YoY), marking year-on-year increase for the 29th consecutive month. It also becomes the first China EV startup selling over 150,000 vehicles a year. 3,456 of them were delivered to overseas customers. As of late December 2022, Neta Auto had delivered 248,050 units. It spent merely eight months selling 100,000 vehicles for the second time, five times faster than it sold 100,000 units for the first time, a new record among EV startups in China. Sales in 2022 accounted for 61% of total sales of Neta Auto since its establishment, showing unstoppable development of the brand.

Leveraging the first-mover advantage and leading edge of China’s intelligent electric vehicle sector, Neta Auto launched its “going global” strategy in 2022. The brand chose a suitable path for global development based on its own edges in intelligence and electrification and local market situation. It reached strategic partnerships with top-rate companies, and increased efforts to get a foothold in ASEAN market alongside more efforts to develop EU market. Neta Auto has also extended presence in some Middle East countries

NETA Auto has expanded its business to the Malaysia market in 2023 under the name NETA Auto Malaysia (wholly owned by Intro Synergy Sdn. Bhd.) with the goal of allowing Malaysian to own 100% electric-powered cars that come with cutting-edge electric vehicle technology at affordable price, in line with the organization’s vision of “Creating Electric Vehicle Innovation…for Everyone”.