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Cookies for marketing purposes collect information about visitors’ browsing habits to deliver advertisements which are more relevant to them and their interests. They collect information about when customers last visited a website and the journey they took during the interaction. This information is used to build a profile of your interests so that ads relevant to you can be shown on websites other than our own. Another benefit of these targeting cookies is that the information collected can be used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement to avoid over exposure.
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As these are ‘strictly necessary’ cookies, no consent is required.
These cookies enable you to move around our website and use the features as we intended. Without these cookies, key services cannot be provided – for example, remembering previous actions such as your previous cookie consent choices. These cookies are used exclusively by our websites and are therefore known as first-party cookies. They are only deployed when you visit our sites and are deleted once you close your browser. Another example of how they are used is, for example, if you enter our site on a mobile device, you will see a version optimised for mobile devices, so that your data volume is not used up unnecessarily. Another example of what these cookies do is facilitate a switch from http to https when you change pages, so that the security of data transmitted is maintained. These cookies also store your decision regarding the use of cookies on our websites. Your consent is not required for the use of essential cookies.

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