As a significant cultural icon in traditional Chinese culture, “Nezha” or is commonly depicted as stepping on Fire Wheels, symbolizing the ancient people’s desire for a simple, easy and comfortable mode of transportation of travel. Additionally, Nezha embodies traits such as bravery, confidence, and fearlessness.

The NETA automotive brand named after Nezha pays homage to its spirit while also representing an advancement in the realm of new technology, energy efficiency and new era.

This is the symbol of Hozon Auto, indicating Hozon’s committed
pursuit for intelligent technology.

The philosophy is also conveyed in our logo by combining the
graphic elements and meanings of the “Tree, Spring and Wing”.

It shows the Warmth, Youth and Intelligence, depicting a brand
image of “A Reliable Dream Creator”.

Brand Personality

Follow the inner voice. Be firm and courageous. Set the trend instead of following the crowd. Be confident and not be afraid to show yourself.

Never rest content and dare to try new things. Break the rules and be the first to make a different.

Defy the stereotype and be at ease with yourself. Do what you agree and be free of irrational restrictions, burdens and profits.

Brand’s Proposition

Every kind of life is full of charm
As long as we move forward firmly and energetically
The brave is not alone, the mountains echo
The road is high and far, with no questions asked.

We are firm but not stubborn
Our youthful spirit remains, but we do not indulge in selfishness
We are the light that awakens energy
Not the fire that subverts rebellion.

Everyone is a practitioner and defender of Nezha’s spirit
Salute to fellow travellers who believe in “I am not alone on my path”.

Building vehicles towards a better life
Shining together with every traveller along the mountains and seas.

Brand Vision

Make high-Quality Smart Electric Vehicle Readily Available.

About Us

  • 2021

    May 2021
    360 x NETA established win-win cooperation

    April 2021
    NETA U Pro was officialy launched

  • 2020

    November 2020
    NETA V was officialy launched

    April 2020
    The 1st. Direct Store officialy launched for business

    March 2020
    NETA U was officialy launched

  • 2019

    September 2019
    NETA N01 Y2020 was officially launched

    June 2019
    Yichun Eco Intelligent Plant was started construction

    April 2019
    Eureka02 & NETA U was launched in Shanghai Auto Show

    March 2019
    Beijing Design Center officially launched

  • 2018

    November 2018
    The First Product of NETA N01 was launched

    June 2018
    Hozon’s Auto sub brand NETA was announced to public

    May 2018
    Hozon Auto obtained production qualification from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology of The People’s Republic of China

    February 2018
    Tong Xiang Eco Intelligent plant was completed

  • 2017

    April 2017
    Hozon Auto was approved by National Development and Reform Commission.

  • 2015

    February 2015
    Build R&D Center with Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute

  • 2014

    October 2014
    Hozon Auto was established