NETA Auto and NEVC Have Announced Plans to Establish Three Collaborative Testing Lab.

National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center (“NEVC”) and NETA Auto signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the official unveiling of jointly established testing laboratories. These facilities include a vehicle performance joint testing lab, an automotive-grade chip testing and certification joint lab, and a digital scenario testing lab.

Under the agreement, leveraging their expertise in vehicle energy efficiency testing, chip testing and certification, and digital scenario testing, both parties will cooperate in building these joint testing labs. NETA Auto will utilize its extensive distribution channels to facilitate the market promotion and application of NEVC’s innovative technologies. NEVC, in turn, will provide NETA Auto with testing and energy efficiency enhancement services in critical areas such as vehicle performance, chip testing, electric propulsion, and EEA (electrical/electronic architecture), expediting the global deployment of cutting-edge new energy technologies and products.

In the future, the two entities will also collaborate on governmental project proposals, forward-looking technology forecasting, development, assessment, and application.

NEVC stands as China’s first national-level new energy vehicle technology innovation center, dedicated to becoming a global source of innovation in new energy vehicle technologies.

Notably, the vehicle performance joint testing lab unveiled in this partnership is the first in China and a global leader in developing vehicle energy efficiency for new energy vehicles. It has a dual role as it can also be utilized for hybrid vehicles and traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, filling a void in the domestic market and promoting innovation and breakthroughs in low energy consumption technology. Additionally, the automotive-grade chip testing and certification joint lab is poised to advance research, testing, and certification in China’s chip sector, accelerating chip integration and industrialization. Lastly, the digital scenario testing lab will continuously provide innovative R&D and evaluation tools and methods, effectively shortening development cycles and reducing redundant development costs.


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